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The attention and focus on health and vitality in the office environment is more current than ever.

Organisations are increasingly investing in the sustainable employability and performance management of their employees.

WORK & MOVE is the personal coach who ensures sufficient alternation between concentrating on monitor work and both mental and physical movement.

This software provides insight and feedback on how computer work is carried out. The software recommends an optimised work-move-rest rhythm on the basis of personal needs, and helps to adapt to this rhythm.

By including periodic mental and physical movement breaks, the employee can maintain better concentration and energy, resulting in fewer errors and improved quality of work.

WORK & MOVE ensures that the employee is more productive throughout a working day, and that he or she has more energy left at the end of this working day.
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BakkerElkhuizen BNEPITSTOPS1Y3 software WORK & MOVE
BakkerElkhuizen BNEPITSTOPS1Y3 software WORK & MOVE
BakkerElkhuizen BNEPITSTOPS1Y3 software WORK & MOVE
Tips: proactive personal tips for smarter and healthier working. Insight gain: insight into your progress on health, skills, movement and concentration on tasks. Workspace passport: record your personal workstation settings in your passport.
WORK & MOVE logo
PitStop software ensures an increase of 25% to 57% more re-energizing breaks from sedentary work (Slijper, 2007). Research shows that software reminders resulted in a doubling of standing time in originally low-frequency users; from 36.6 minutes per day to 78.9 minutes per day.

Research conducted around the world shows that sitting for prolonged periods has a negative effect on employee health. Sedentary postures can lead to an increase in the risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Alternating between sitting and standing postures is an ideal solution to this problem in the office environment and other health benefits include burning more calories and increasing energy levels.

Various studies show that the implementation of short pitstops and the encouragement of more standing or walking time can have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular and other chronic disease risk factors.
BakkerElkhuizen BNEPITSTOPS1Y3 software WORK & MOVE BakkerElkhuizen BNEPITSTOPS1Y3 software WORK & MOVE WORK & MOVE time out
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