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Battery won't charge
The battery has a built-in protection to ensure the lifetime of the battery and system

The battery limits the discharge current to approx. 10A by disconnecting the power.
The battery can go into a protected mode. Then a reset is made only after disconnecting the cable and in some cases charging the battery.

If the battery stops working please try the following:
  • Open the table
  • Disconnect the cable from the battery.
  • Press the button on the battery for minimum 10 seconds.
  • Charge the battery
  • Connect the battery again. 
In overload situations, the LED light bars will still turn on when activated. If the capacity is below approx. 25% it is not possible to identify if the battery has switched off due to overload or low capacity. Rule of thumb is that the battery must be charged if no LED light bars can be turned on.

As check/identification of the problem, charge the battery. If the battery still switches off it is due to an overload situation.
Status of the battery
There are four light bars indicating the battery capacity, these ca be found underneath the table :

(Capacity between 0% and 5% No lights)
Capacity between 5% and 25%: LED1 lights
Capacity between 25% and 50%: LED1 and LED2 light
Capacity between 50% and 75%: LED1, LED2 and LED3 light
Capacity between 75% and 100%: LED1, LED2, LED3 and LED4 light

The light turns on when you press the small black button below the light bars. The light will only be on for a few seconds.

Please notice:
  • When the capacity is below 25%, the audio alarm sounds once when activating the battery.
  • The battery turns off to protect itself when the capacity is approx. 5%. Below the 5% capacity, the audio alarm sounds
  • When activating the battery. No LED light bars can be activated.
  • When charging, the LED light bars indicate the current charge capacity
  • When the charging is complete the LED light bars will turn off
  • Charging will not start if the capacity is above 75%
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