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Cursor jumps or the Rockstick Mouse isn’t moving smoothly
Check the bottom of the Rockstick Mouse to see if there’s dirt on the underside of the mouse base. Make sure the optical sensor is not blocked and the feet on the bottom side are clean.
Cursor moving by itself
A reflective surface may cause cursor drift. Put the Rockstick Mouse on a non-reflective mouse pad.
Don't know how to switch from right hand to left hand?
Push the switch under the mouse from R to L.
Mouse not detected
Make sure the Rockstick Mouse is plugged into the correct port.
Make sure to reboot your computer after you install the mouse driver.
Which size is suitable for my hand?
With a width of 8.5 cm and larger, the RockStick mouse Large is recommended. Below the 8,5cm width you can best choose the Small/Medium version.

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