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Do the concentration spaces require a power outlet?
Yes, at least one power outlet must be available.
Does the space have a door to close it off from the environment?
Yes, the standard BellBooth comes with a door.
How is sound absorbed?
Fifty percent of the spaces’ wall surface consists of acoustic panels filled with insulation. This material is called Akotherm D40/50. It has an EN-13501-1 fire classification of fire class B. The material’s sound absorption has a value of up to absorption class B (D40/50).

By default, the door of the spaces is not fitted with an acoustic panel. This is optional and usually not required, given the total amount of acoustic panelling already present inside the concentration space.
How is the BellBooth illuminated?
At various locations, there are sensor-controlled 4.5 Watt LEDs with a colour temperature of 3,000 K
How long will it take to set up the concentration space?
1 hour.
Is the BellBooth available in different colours?
The acoustic panels are available in a range of colours. The spaces’ default colours are as follows:
  • All concentration spaces RAL9004
  • BellBooth Yellow Green RAL6018
  • MindPod Signal Yellow RAL1003
  • ScrumRoom SkyBlue RAL5015
Is the BellBooth expandable?
At the moment, the spacs is standardised and we can only offer this option.
Is the BellBooth fireproof?
The space has an EN-13501-1 fire classification of fire class B.
Is the BellBooth ventilated?
The BellBooth has one mechanical ventilation point with a capacity of 31 m³/hour.
What accessories are available for the concentration spaces?
  • BNEACCAPD Accessory Acoustic Panel Door
What are the acoustic panels made of?
Akotherm D40/50. This material was chosen because it is highly suitable for damping speech in office environments.
What is the frame made of?
The frame is made of steel that has been painted RAL9004.
What kind of glass is used?
The BellBooth contains safety glass with a thickness of 5 mm.
What variants are available?
  • BNEBB – BellBooth Anthracite
  • BNEBB6018 – BellBooth Yellow Green
  • BNEMP – MindPod Anthracite
  • BNEMP1003 – MindPod Signal Yellow
  • BNESR – ScrumRoom Anthracite
  • BNESR5015 – ScrumRoom SkyBlue
Where can the BellBooth be installed?
Anywhere in an existing or new office environment where a power outlet is available (floor or ceiling). These concentration spaces are commonly used in open office areas where there is a shortage of audio-visual privacy.
Who can use the space?
The BellBooth can be used by one caller.
Who will install the space?
BakkerElkhuizen will take care of the entire installation. Our Logistics department will visit your business to assess the intended location and the critical factors (e.g. available space, power outlets, logistical possibilities regarding transport, etcetera).
Why do the spaces contain so much glass?
This was done to offer as much transparency as possible for the rest of the organisation. However, this is balanced out by the acoustic panels that can be placed at various heights. Furthermore, the glass allows natural light to come into the space. Lastly, it fits within the design philosophy of the concentration spaces.
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