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3M BNEPFG1560 Privacy Filter Privacy Filter Gold 3M BNEPFG1560 Privacy Filter Privacy Filter Gold 3M BNEPFG1560 Privacy Filter Privacy Filter Gold
Privacy Filter Gold
This gold-coloured privacy filter is frameless and easy to attach to your screen. Work safely without your screen being visible to others while on the move or in the office.
3M BNEPFB1560 Privacy Filter Privacy Filter Black 3M BNEPFB1560 Privacy Filter Privacy Filter Black 3M BNEPFB1560 Privacy Filter Privacy Filter Black
Privacy Filter Black
This black filter is suitable for Touch Laptops. Work safely without your screen being visible to others while on the move or in a temporary location.

Privacy filters

3M Privacy filters protect laptops and mobile devices against people who want to look over your shoulder by blocking the screen for everyone except the user of the device. Thanks to these filters mobile professionals can keep working safely on the road, chances of expensive data breaches are limited, and all kinds of legislation about data protection, including ISO27001, are easier to comply with.

Working on confidential documents in any environment makes these data vulnerable to visual hackers. To keep your digital and often-confidential information private, we recommend you use a privacy filter in order to have total privacy protection. A privacy filter darkens your screen when seen from the side, so prying eyes will not get a chance to look at your screen.

Why risk an invasion of your privacy when something as simple and effective as a privacy filter can give you peace of mind?

1. Easy to place, remove, and place again on your screen.
2. The screen remains clear. When you look directly at the screen, it remains crystal-clear.
3. Visual hackers feel their way in the dark. Onlookers next to you will only see a black screen, as if the screen was turned off.

For whom, where and when is a privacy filter necessary?

Mobile professionals: privacy risks grow with the number of mobile workers. Studies show that over 55% of professionals work at least one hour a week with a laptop at busy locations: libraries, public transport, cafés, airport terminals. To protect data against onlookers, mobile workers absolutely need the protection of a privacy filter, wherever they may be working.

Students and teachers: the use of laptops and mobile devices by students, teachers and administrative staff is on the increase. These devices are not always used at school only, but also at many public places, for instance in public transport. Privacy filters can offer you the solution that will help protect confidential information such as login data or student information.

Professional care providers: professional care providers are increasingly dependent on laptops and tablets. Keeping in touch remotely with the hospital is becoming more commonplace. Without privacy filters it is ‘dangerous’ to open data in public places because professional secrets could be breached.

Financial sector: whether you are a bookkeeper, tax advisor or accountant, many professionals in the financial sector work extensively on their own outside the office. This entails a lot of travelling. If you lack a privacy filter, sensitive information on the screen can become visible just like that to prying eyes around you.

Government: as a public official, when working outside your protected network you risk inadvertently showing sensitive data to unwelcome onlookers. Privacy filters offer you an ideal and effective solution for complying with compulsory measures to protect confidential data.

Business-oriented: as an employer you will undoubtedly have people coming to your office for work reasons, for example when you have a business appointment or have organised an event. You will frequently lead these people through part of your facilities to the right room or meeting space. On the way they will see many of your employees work at their computers. Without you being aware of it, these people could be industrial spies. They would not have to work hard to worm their way into the secrets of a company. Privacy filters help you remain protected against this type of industrial espionage in public spaces.

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