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UltraStand: ultimate comfort through fusion with laptop

BakkerElkhuizen’s UltraStand is the thinnest and lightest laptop stand in the world. This integrated laptop stand weighs just 250 g, is wafer-thin (just 2 mm) and can be attached to the bottom of your laptop easily and with no fuss. The fusion of the UltraStand with the laptop currently makes it the most portable and user-friendly laptop stand of our time.
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The thinnest and lightest in the world
 As a laptop user, you can create a healthy and comfortable workstation using an UltraStand, a computer mouse and a compact keyboard, such as the BakkerElkhuizen S-board 860, in no time at all. At home, on the road or in the office. 
Fully OSH-proof
Thanks to the UltraStand, laptop users now have a comfortable workstation which fully complies with occupational safety & health regulations. According to the Dutch Working Conditions Act, computer users may only work with a laptop without ergonomic-enhancing aids for a maximum of 2 hours a day, owing to the unnatural posture that arises as users continuously find themselves, as it were, "diving" into the screen. This results in an unhealthy and unproductive working posture. Scientific research has shown that using a laptop stand results in an increase in productivity, greater comfort and less neck strain. With BakkerElkhuizen’s UltraStand and two compact ergonomic-enhancing aids (mouse and keyboard), this result can be achieved easily from this day forward.  

Tailored for every laptop type
The UltraStand has been tailored for use with most business laptops, including Lenovo, HP and Dell. Its design is fully tailored to the contours of laptop bottoms and includes openings for ventilation and the feet of any type of laptop. This translates into an ergonomic-enhancing aid that complements your laptop perfectly. Users can remove and reattach the UltraStand at any time without leaving signs of use. If desired, BakkerElkhuizen can also account for the docking stations that organizations use.  

The most important advantages of UltraStand:
• Ergonomic: the laptop display is always at the right height.
• Convenience: create a mobile workstation in no time at all.
• Portable: acts as second skin to one’s laptop, so very portable.
• Wafer-thin: 2 mm.
• Light: just 250 g.
• Made-to-measure: fits every type of laptop (if desired also tailored to docking stations).

BakkerElkhuizen’s UltraStand laptop stand is a tailored product intended for projects. 


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