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The Mousetrapper feeling

Our hands are the most versatile tools we have. The delicate, complex combination of nerves, muscles, and 27 bones in each hand can perform almost any action your brain can conceive. But do we actually make optimal use of our hands when we work at a computer? 

The complexity and productivity of our hands

With the Mousetrapper we are more able to utilize the maximum capacity of our hands when using our computer. The Mousetrapper, which is a Central Mouse, is positioned in front of the keyboard. The control pad follows all the movements of your fingers and provides immediate feedback. Around 20 years ago, developers in Sweden came up with an idea to improve the workplace for computer users. This resulted in the first Mousetrapper being created in 1994, with a uniquely designed rubber mat that moved in tune with your fingers in two dimensions. The technology was based on years of research carried out by the development team. Since then, they have continued to refine their product. The result is increased comfort, higher performance, and therefore more energy left over at the end of your workday, ensuring that you have sufficient energy for your personal life as well.


The control pad is located just below your fingers as you type. This enables you to easily switch from typing to using the mouse. You no longer need to move your hand a relatively long distance to make small mouse movements, which saves time. Users are able to save even more time by using the extra Mousetrapper shortcuts and function keys (MT keys). Users can decide what they want to use these keys for and program them for individualized use. The various profiles allow you to easily adapt your personal settings in accordance with the type of computer activity you engage in.

How does the Mousetrapper affect your ergonomic posture?

Because the mouse is situated at the bottom of the keyboard rather than out to the side, your arms automatically assume a natural position. This central position brings the arms closer to the body and prevents reaching. As such, the Mousetrapper helps prevent pain in the arms, shoulders, and neck. The Mousetrapper prevents your shoulder from having to turn outwards, and allows the underarm muscles to be much more relaxed compared to using a regular mouse. There are two reasons for this:

1. When using a standard mouse, your wrist is bent backwards more, which leads to wrist extension, as shown in the illustration below. 
2. When using a standard mouse, your fingers are also extended for the most part, and are then used for clicking, adding strain to an already extended position. The Mousetrapper does not strain your fingers in this way, is therefore less taxing on the muscles.

What makes the Mousetrapper better than other centralised mouse devices?

The biggest difference between the Mousetrapper and other centralized mouse devices is that the Mousetrapper does not use a roll bar. The Mousetrapper has a larger surface area for your fingers to glide over. This ensures movements are less constrained than when using a roll bar. This way your fingertips have complete control and are able work more efficiently, with greater precision.

Other advantages:
  • Adoption of the Mousetrapper is very quick
  • The control pad works much faster than a roll bar
  • The Mousetrapper enables a greater degree of precision
  • No need to install drivers for the MT keys
  • When using a central mouse with a roll bar you tend to accidentally touch the bar while typing resulting in unwanted actions taking place. This problem does not occur with Mousetrapper.

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