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Three ergonomic products which
help you work better at home

Homeworker Essentials

BNEHW ErgoSet Homeworker Essentials
Work comfortably from home or on the move with this homeworker kit from BakkerElkhuizen.

This laptop ergonomic kit includes everything you need to set up your workstation for productive work.

Following ergonomic best practice this will raise your screen up and improve your posture, reduce your exposure to wrist/hand pain by bringing your hand closer to your midline with the compact keyboard and adjusting your mouse grip to a vertical position.
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BNEHW ErgoSet Homeworker Essentials
BNEHW ErgoSet Homeworker Essentials
BNEHW ErgoSet Homeworker Essentials
Ergo Q-330: portable notebook stand with integrated document holder. S-board 840 No hub: ergonomic keyboard with optimal layout. Grip mouse: vertical ergonomic mouse.
BNEHW ErgoSet Homeworker Essentials
Using a notebook stand in combination with an external keyboard and mouse increases productivity by 17%.

It also significantly improves sitting posture. Neck strain is reduced by 32% and comfort is improved by 21% (Lindblad, 2002). The forearms are also in a more neutral position and physical complaints are substantially reduced (Boersma, 2002).
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