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  • Headsets with Active Noise Canceling
  • In-ear & over-ear
  • High ease of use
  • Short appointment time
  • Comfortable, even with intensive use
  • Concentration rooms
  • The ideal solution within a modern open plan office garden.
  • Acoustic telephone booth
  • And all available in various designs!

Acoustic solutions

Looking for a dedicated workspace? The design of open office spaces or landscaped offices play an important role in concentrated work. In these environments several people attempt to do concentrated work in one single space.

The primary source of irritation that you will encounter is probably co-workers who are making phone calls or talking. These sounds cause noise pollution, which can make you lose your concentration and focus.

How do you keep employees from being distracted?
With the MindPod you create a mobile solution to work in a quiet environment. The MindPod is a unique solution when it comes to a mobile concentration-dedicated workspace that is easy to set up.

We will be happy to give you advice, and have already designed a variety of such dedicated workspaces that may help you set up your office space or landscaped office.

Advice and information

Do you want tips about what makes a good workspace? Take your time to read our whitepaper: Concentration and open plan offices; a challenging combination.

Buying a MindPod?
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